The Black Hole of the Universe 2013

The Black Hole of the Universe

Bohusläns Stenstipendiat 2013, Bohusläns granith


Wheel of Life 2011
The Wheel of Life

Årjäng Sweden 2011, Bohusläns granith


Dog with the Four Winds Crown 2013

Dog with Four Winds Crown

Salmela Art Center 2013, marmble



Life Anchor 2013

The Life Anchor

Salmela Art Center 2013, different stone arts



Source 2013


Salmela Art Center 2013, Verde Vienna, marble


Liond Mind 2013


Sculpture in process in Portugal 2012, marble



O Rei da Finlandia 2011

O Rei da Finlandia

Sintra Arte Publica 2011, marble and Negrais


O Rei da Finlandia 2

O Rei da Finlandia

Sintra Arte Publica 2011, One Man- One World



" O Templo " in process

O Templo

Centro International de Escultura, Portugal 2010

Sculpture in process


Invironmental Sculpture Symposium, Odemira, Portugal 2008

Artwork in process


Membranca in process




Healing Spirit and Water

Jorvi Hospital 30-years aniversary 2006,

glas, metal and light










A Rainha - the Queen
Sintra Arte Publica, Portugal



A Rainha Porto 2

A Rainha

Bela Biennale in Palace de Cristal, O porto 2013

A Rainha Porto 1

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